Can't Install License Data

Use the latest email. This is soooooo important. If you have renewed your license, be sure to use the most recent license email. You must register newly-renewed licenses, using the new serial, to get a new permanent license. Old permanent licenses will not activate newer SynthEyes builds.

We find customers trying to install temporary licenses that have already expired. The expiration date is listed immediately below the temporary license in the order email. If the expiration date has passed, the license will not work! We don't issue new temporary licenses. You need to register and receive the permanent license. Let us know once you have submitted registration data for quicker turnaround.

We also find people telling us they have been issued an already-expired temporary license. It's automatically generated, so that does not happen. Please see the items above.

When installing license data, do not fill out the registration form. And don't click Register!

Be positive you are copying license data onto the clipboard from the left parenthesis "(" to the right parenthesis ")", including both! Paste into TextEdit or Notepad to be sure.

Windows, SynthEyes 1411 and EARLIER only. To install license data, you must start SynthEyes 1411 and earlier as follows. Go to the folder C:\Program Files\Andersson Technologies LLC\SynthEyes. Right-click the file SynthEyes64(.exe) or SynthEyes(.exe) within it, and select "Run as Administrator." Click Allow on the UAC box, then complete the authorization process, ie Install License on Clipboard. Important: follow the directions—don't mess with the SynthEyes shortcut! (In later versions, start SynthEyes regularly, you'll see the UAC prompt automatically when needed.)

macOS - non-US. In a few cases, customers using non-English-language email programs have found the following helpful: Copy the temporary or permanent license data onto the clipboard as usual, then start TextEdit. Edit/Paste the license data into TextEdit, Edit/Select All, Format/Make Plain Text, Edit/Copy, then start SynthEyes and click the "Install License on Clipboard" button or Help/Authorize.

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