Why doesn't my final render match what I saw in Optics?

By default, the Viewer is set to a size smaller than full resolution resulting in
snappy interactive editing, but will not represent the final render for some filters.

These filters include: S_BleachBypass, S_Brush, Chromatic Aberration,
DeNoise, Detail, S_EdgeRays, S_Etching, S_FilmDamage, S_FilmEffect, Film
Stocks, Frost, Grain, Key Light, Looks, S_NightSky, Night Vision,
S_RomanTile, Silk, S_VintageColor2Strip, S_VintageColor3Strip, S_ZapFrom
and S_ZapTo.

To see an accurate representation of what the above filters will look like when
rendered, set the Viewer > Preview Resolution to Full and the Zoom to 100%.

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