Why am I getting an "Activation Incomplete" error when I enter my activation key in the Boris FX Hub?

The "Activation Incomplete" error can occur for several reasons. Here are some things to check:

  • Typo or Missing Symbol: Ensure that the key is entered exactly as it appears in your email. Check for any typos or extra spaces. The format should be ####-####-####-####, including the hyphens.
  • Entering an Activation Key for an Unsupported Product: Currently, the Boris FX Hub does not support the following:
    • Continuum Units
    • Continuum Premium Filters
    • Continuum FCP Units
    • Continuum FCP Premium Filters
  • Entering a Render-Only Activation Key: If you're using a render-only activation key for background rendering, it's essential to follow the appropriate steps. Please refer to the "License Instructions for Nodelocked Licenses" section for detailed guidance.
  • Entering an Expired Activation Key: Your activation key may have expired. To find out the expiration date of your key, you can check by logging into your Boris FX Account Panel.

*If none of the above applies, you can always use the classic Boris FX License Activation process detailed here.

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