Machine Learning Node Graphic Card Requirements

The nodes in Silhouette that feature machine learning technology are resource intensive and require a professional workstations for GPU acceleration. We recommend the following graphic card / operating system configurations for optimum performance:

Windows with AMD GPUs:

For best performance, we recommend workstations powered by AMD Radeon™ PRO Series for use with Silhouette and the ML nodes. Internally we test and quality Silhouette with the AMD Radeon™ PRO W6800, and support the W5000, W6000, and W7000 series.

Windows & Linux with NVIDIA GPUs:

For best performance, we recommend workstation powered by NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation. Because of the computation and memory requirements, NVIDIA cards featuring the Pascal architecture and higher are required for GPU acceleration of the ML nodes in Silhouette 2024.5. Internally we test and qualify Silhouette with the RTX A6000, and support any NVIDIA card using Pascal or higher. For more information on if your NVIDIA GPU supports Pascal architecture, please refer to this article under "GPUs Supported".


The ML nodes in Silhouette 2024.5 require Monterey (macOS 12.0) and higher for GPU acceleration.


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