Activating Boris FX Products through a Proxy Server

The most common way to activate our node-locked licenses is online over the internet. If your computer needs to use a proxy server to connect to the internet, you can provide its details to the Boris FX License Tool in two ways.

Environment Variables

Two variables are involved, HTTP_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS. It's only necessary to provide credentials if your proxy server requires them. For example:

# set HTTP_PROXY to server:port

# provide an optional username and password

For guidance on how to set an environment variable, please refer to your operating system documentation or other resources as needed.

Command Line

If you are activating one of our products from the command line, proxy information can be passed to bfx-license-tool as additional arguments as follows.

# Activate Mocha Pro multi-host plugin on Linux
cd /usr/OFX/Plugins/BorisFX/MochaPro2022/Resources/mochaui/bin/bfx-license-tool
./bfx-license-tool --feature mpp-multihost --activate ####-####-####-#### \
--proxy proxy_server:8080 --proxy-user joe_bloggs --proxy-pass mypassword

As before, it's only necessary to pass the username and password if your proxy server needs them.

Proxy Server Requirements

Our activation will work with any standards-compliant proxy server. It must be able to reach on ports 80 and 443. To verify that it is working properly, visit in your web browser, which should show a Boris FX logo in the center of the page.

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