What can I do with SynthEyes?

Camera and object tracking information lets you add 3-D animated effects into live-action footage, such as

  • Animated 3-D character insertion (mascots, beasts, flying pixies, you name it). A favorite for commercials.
  • Vehicle insertion. Aircraft, boats, cars, trucks, spacecraft, things you wish you could get live, but couldn't afford or don't exist.
  • Fix shaky shots—SynthEyes lets you control the process for tough shots where some bounciness will remain, or to focus attention on specific objects
  • Digital cosmetics, such as computer-generated wounds
  • Architectural Previsualization (ground level or helicopter)
  • Virtual set extensions (boy, that's a fancy newsroom!)
  • Virtual product placement (did George Washington really drink XYZ?)
  • Accident/crash reconstructions (from external or in-vehicle P.O.V.)
  • Matte painting insertions (yes, that's me walking on Mars)
  • Face and low-volume full body motion capture.
  • Build 3-D meshes from 3-D locations determined from the imagery.
  • Clean plate generation
  • Panorama generation
  • Transparent effects. A broad catch-all for effects you really can't see, often fix-its: insert snow, puddles, volumetric smoke, a big tree to cover a phone pole, a vase to replace a microphone left in-camera.
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