Rectify Lens Grid

The Rectify Lens Grid feature in SynthEyes 2204 is designed to correct distorted lens grids from misaligned anamorphic lenses. Unlike traditional calibration, which calculates distortion coefficients, Rectify Grid creates an image distortion map (ST map). This fixes the grid but may introduce calibration errors and doesn’t support animation.

Use Rectify Grid as a last resort, not a replacement for Lensmaster Calibration. Both methods use a grid of trackers. Ensure your grid has a single repeating pattern and is printed on a large format printer. A PDF grid generator is available on our website.

Steps to use Rectify Grid:

  1. Set the pixel aspect ratio and resample the image to square pixels if needed.
  2. Adjust contrast, isolate the green channel for chromatic aberration, and create Lens Grid trackers.
  3. Ensure trackers align with the grid, deleting any extras. Add trackers towards the edge.
  4. Lock the trackers and start Rectify Grid, choosing between a 1 pass or 2 pass workflow.

After calibration, apply the grid to other shots using sizzle scripts generated by Rectify Grid or Lensmaster Calibration. These scripts set up the image preprocessor accurately. Generate a projection screen for quick image undistortion in 3D applications after solving the shot.

Rectify Lens Grid: Just fix it! (Tutorial) 

Download Lens Auto Grid 

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