How do I contact technical support?

Users with an active subscription, or those that are within the first year of a perpetual licence, are entitled to free product support while the subscription is active or during the first year of ownership of the perpetual license.

If you can not find the help you need in the Help Center or in our User Forums, please Submit A Request.

Technical Support Requests

In order to get timely responses from our support team, it is really helpful for you to fill out the form and include as much detail as possible in the description field. 

Problems or Bug Reports
Please include as much detail as possible. We recommend including details relevant to your issue including: 

  • Product Name and Version
  • Host Application and Version
  • Operating System and Version
  • Computer & hardware specs such as processor and video graphics card details
  • Steps to reproduce: steps on how to reproduce a specific problem
  • Regression: Was this problem not present in an older version?
  • Additional data: Anything else you can supply, such as an attached project, a crash log, or a screen recording. 

Once a request has been filed, you’re in the queue and a support agent will reach out to you directly.

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