Why can't I track something that I know should be easy to track?

Understanding the planar tracker is key to getting a good track. If you are a beginner, make sure you understand the fundamentals of Mocha’s workflow.

If your track parameter ”Minimum % of pixels used” field has a low number, try Increasing it to something high like 80-90%

If there is a lot of fast movement in the shot, try turning off the “Auto” search in the Track parameters and entering a larger value in the horizontal and vertical search fields.

If your tracker is simply not working properly, there could be a corrupt file in your cache. Delete the contents of your cache folder by going to the Mocha fiule menu and choosing “Clear Cache”.

Delete the cache folder contents and restart Mocha.

You could also try turning off your GPU processing:

  1. Open Mocha Preferences
  2. Go to the GPU tab and turn off GPU processing
  3. Restart Mocha.
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