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  • SynthEyes to Blender via Python: Blender 3.2–3.5 contain a bad version of python, python 3.10, that crashes when large python scripts are compiled. If you export sufficiently large meshes from SynthEyes to Blender via the blender (python) export, when you import them to blender, python will crash, causing blender to crash. To avoid that, turn on “Hex data workaround” in the blender exporter. This has been fixed in python, but it's unclear when that fixed python will appear in blender.
  • SynthEyes to Blender via USD: blender does not read the camera aperture (sensor size) information from the USDA file, so the camera field of view will be wrong. We got this fixed in the Blender source code, but it's unclear which version of blender the fix will appear in. If the sizes are wrong in your version, you'll have to set the sensor sizes manually.
  • Autodesk Flame on Apple Silicon macOS using Python. SynthEyes can't be started from Flame's python using SyPy3 because of a Rosetta issue: Flame requires Rosetta but SynthEyes is native. See the entertaining workaround.
  • SynthEyes to anything via Filmbox FBX: SynthEyes writes FBX files using a recent version of FBX by default; older versions of other applications cannot read those files and camera path animation may appear to be missing. Instead, tell the exporter to write one of the older versions of FBX.
  • Windows will fail to write H.264/265 movies from Save Sequence or Preview Movie if you've set the bit rate too low; increase the value as needed.
  • In the macOS color picker, if you attempt to drag the color to the swatches at the picker's bottom-right, it will crash SynthEyes ... and applications such as Apple's own TextEdit. This is a generic macOS issue; the workaround is don't do that until Apple fixes it (don't hold your breath).
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