SynthEyes 2024

  • When exporting to Nuke or Fusion without running the Lens Workflow (ie with a zero-pass workflow), exports to other rendering applications (such as Maya) must include the lens center and required overscan. At present, only the Maya ASCII Updated exporter can do this. Otherwise, 3-D renders will not match. You can eliminate the lens center as an issue by not calculating it, but you may still need to set an appropriate overscan manually. We may update additional exporters to include lens center and overscan, where technology and interest permit. Instead, we always recommend running the Lens Workflow—Lens Workflow was designed exactly to avoid such issues!
  • ProRes on M1 Mac Minis: The (hardware) ProRes movie decoder produces an all-black image on M1 Minis. M1 Pro and M1 Max Macbook Pros read ProRes fine. No reports of problems on other M1/M2 machines or Intel. Workaround: SynthEyes 2304 and 2024 on macOS contain a preference named “Force 8bit ProRes,” in the ProRes section for use only on affected Mac Minis. It produces images by forcing 8-bit reads even if you request 16- or 32-bit reads
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