What’s the difference between BCC and BCC+?

The original Continuum filters, aka BCC (which stands for Boris Continuum Complete) have been superseded by a newer filter set for which we have labelled BCC+. On the surface the effects that are in BCC and BCC+ may look quite similar and will produce the same or similar look to their BCC counterpart, but there are some major differences between them. 

Here’s a short list of some of the main differences :

  • BCC filters include the FX Browser while the BCC+ filters include the FX Editor 
  • BCC+ filters are 100% GPU accelerated while in BCC it’s a mix of GPU and CPU
  • BCC+ filters offer improved performance over their BCC counterparts
  • BCC+ filters include a full CPU fallback, should the GPU path fail
  • In BCC+, the Mocha option is placed at the top of the filter as opposed to the bottom of the filter in BCC
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