What’s the difference between Continuum AE, AVX, OFX and FCP?

Continuum filters plug into many host applications through an application programming interface (API), which is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. Some hosts, such as Adobe, Avid and Apple use a custom API that is specific to their host applications while others use the generic non-host specific Open FX (OFX) API. Continuum is therefore customised to fit within the API rules that are set up by the host, with the exception to this rule being OFX hosts. But some hosts custom tailor the OFX API to suit their own needs or use only specific parts of the API. 

So, with that, the Continuum AE product is custom built to work within the Adobe hosts After Effects and Premiere Pro. Continuum AVX is a custom build for the Avid host Media Composer. Continuum FCP uses the Apple FxPlug API and is customised for Final Cut Pro and Motion hosts.

There are times when a host API is unable to work with a feature in Continuum unless the host developer opens up their API and customises it for the plugin developer and in these cases the specific feature cannot exist in that host. An example of this would be Continuum’s particle effects, which are unable to run in the Apple FxPlug API so they are not available within that host. Another example is the BCC Beat Reactor plugin, which is a keyframe generator and can only operate within the After Effects host because it can’t generate keyframes via the other host API’s.

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