I use Mocha AE, what is the difference between Mocha AE and Mocha Pro? Do I need Mocha Pro?

Mocha AE is included free with Adobe After Effects subscriptions and is optimized for AE users. Mocha AE is commonly used for planar motion tracking and masking tasks. Here you can find some of the top reasons After Effects users upgrade to Mocha Pro. 

Top Reasons for After Effects Users to Upgrade to Mocha Pro

  • Adobe Premiere Support - the Mocha Pro Adobe plugin can be launched from AE or Premiere. Premiere editors can create advanced Mocha roto shapes and copy/paste them directly into Premiere masks and access advanced modules to do work on the Premiere timeline without round-tripping to AE.  View Mocha Pro videos for Premiere 
  • Advanced Modules - Mocha Pro adds more modules for effects finishing including Lens Calibration, Object Removal, PowerMesh, Stabilization, 3D Camera Solver MegaPlates and ReOrient.
  • Advanced Tools - Tools not found in Mocha AE include Magnetic Splines, Area Brush and Edge Snapping. Pre-processing in Track module to solve difficult shots. 
  • Support for More Hosts - With Mocha Pro, After Effects users can collaborate with other hosts. Export tracking and roto data to industry standard formats including Premiere Pro, Nuke, Fusion, Flame, HitFilm, FBX, Alembic, and more.
  • More Formats & 360/VR - Mocha Pro supports optimized workflows for multi-view stereoscopic and 360/VR formats. 

View the Mocha AE & Mocha Pro comparison chart

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