How do you use Mocha with interlaced footage in Mocha Pro Standalone?

Use the Separate Fields option when you start your standalone project, or simply drag and drop the plugin to your footage in your timeline if you are using the plugin.

If you are using interlaced footage in the standalone go to file, new project, adjust your settings and normal and set your field separation here to Upper or Lower. Make sure you check your fields match your footage before you close the New Project dialog. If you don’t set them correctly, you cannot modify them and will have to restart the project.

If you are unsure which field your interlaced footage is in, import it and check.

If you quickly start your project with a guessed field order, you can check to make sure it is correct by using the right arrow key to step through the footage. If your footage stutters or steps back a frame while you’re stepping through, it is probably in the wrong field order, or you may have to set pulldown.

Try to avoid interlaced footage where possible for ease of workflow, especially if you need to render a remove or insert to the timeline. It is sometimes worth it to temporarily convert to progressive and then convert back to interlaced for best results.

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