How can I turn off Sapphire new version notifications?

Sapphire will check for a new update automatically once per week. If you would like to turn this feature off, you can edit your S_Config.text file to stop this. Find the line that reads “enable_update_checks: 1” and change to “enable_update_checks: 0”. Save and replace with the new editing S_config.text file. Restart your host application and Sapphire will not never check or notify of a new update. You can locate your S_config.text file at the following locations:

  • After Effects and Premiere on Windows
    • /ProgramFiles/BorisFX/Sapphire (version#) Adobe
  • After Effects and Premiere on macOS
    • /Applications/BorisFX/Sapphire (version#) Adobe/config/
  • Photoshop on Windows
    • /ProgramFiles/BorisFX/Sapphire (version#) Photoshop
  • Photoshop on macOS
    • /Applications/BorisFX/Sapphire (version#) Photoshop/config/
  • Avid on Windows
    • /ProgramFiles/BorisFX/Sapphire (version#) Avid
  • Avid on macOS
    • /Applications/BorisFX/Sapphire (version#) Avid/config/
  • OFX hosts on Windows
    • /ProgramFiles/BorisFX/Sapphire (version#) OFX
  • OFX hosts on macOS
    • /Applications/BorisFX/Sapphire (version#) OFX/config/
  • OFX hosts on Linux 
    •  /opt/BorisFX/SapphireOFX
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