Change Usage Collection

To stop Sapphire from collecting usage data:

 - Go to the change-usage-collection folder.

    • For Windows: C:\Program Files\BorisFX\Sapphire <version> <port>\change-usage-collection\change-usage-collection.exe
    • For macOS: /Applications/BorisFX\Sapphire <version> <port>/config/change-usage-collection/Change Usage
    • For Linux: /usr/BorisFX/Sapphire<port>/change-usage-collection/change-usage-collection

 - Run the "change-usage-collection" application.

 - Uncheck "Allow Sapphire to anonymously collect usage date" 

and click "OK".

 - The next time you start up the host, the changes will take effect.


When you run the "change-usage-collection" application again, the status will show "Sapphire is not currently collecting usage data."


An alternative method:

 - You may modify the usage-optin text file by opening the file with a text editor of your choice.

 - Changing the "y" to "n". 


Save and exit the file for the changes to take effect the next time you start up the host application.

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