Uninstalling SynthEyes

Here's how to remove various items. Deactivate or uninstall license data before, or as part of, uninstalling the program. If you're having trouble with a bad startup, particularly after a crash, you can try removing the preferences first, before reinstalling.

Deactivate BorisFX License Data

On SynthEyes, select Help/Deactivate License.

Uninstalling SSONTECH License Data

Here are the directions for removing the older ssontech.com license information from a computer. This is different than removing the program itself!

Windows: Open the start menu's search box, enter regedt32.exe, then start it. Expose successive items to reach the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/SynthEyes and delete it (includes all the values in it).

macOS: Delete the folder /Users/your name/Library/Application Support/SynthEyes and also the file /Applications/BorisFX/SynthEyes 2024/registry if it is present. (You need to opt-click Go in the Finder to reach the Library in your Users folder.)

Linux: Delete the folder .SynthEyes in your home directory (ie ~/.SynthEyes) and also /opt/SynthEyes/registry if it is present.

Uninstalling the SynthEyes Program

Deactivate license data before uninstalling (the macOS uninstaller will ask you if you want to do that).

Windows: Use the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel.

macOS: Run /Applications/BorisFX/SynthEyes 2024/Uninstall SynthEyes 2024

Linux: From inside /opt/BorisFX/SynthEyes2024, run “./install.sh uninstall”, then delete the folder /opt/BorisFX/SynthEyes2024

Reset the Preferences

As long as your machine meets the system requirements, an immediate crash on startup is typically due to switching back to an older SynthEyes version, or if your computer previously wasn't shut down properly. Manually clear the preferences by deleting the following file(s):

Windows: “C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Roaming\SynthEyes\prefs14.dat”    Turn on “Hidden items” in the View tab of the File Explorer to see AppData, because Windows hides it.

macOS: “/Users/YourNameHere/Library/Application Support/SynthEyes/prefs14.dat ” and “/Users/YourNameHere/Library/Preferences/com.borisfx.SynthEyes.plist”    (You need to opt-click Go in the Finder to reach the Library in your Users folder. The .plist file is an unwanted set of preferences created by macOS that can create unusual results, such as a disembodied color picker opening when SynthEyes starts.)

Linux: “~/.SynthEyes/prefs14.dat”

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