Reset the Preferences

As long as your machine meets the system requirements, an immediate crash on startup is typically due to switching back to an older SynthEyes version, or if your computer previously wasn't shut down properly. Manually clear the preferences by deleting the following file(s):

Windows: “C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Roaming\SynthEyes\prefs14.dat”    Turn on “Hidden items” in the View tab of the File Explorer to see AppData, because Windows hides it.

macOS: “/Users/YourNameHere/Library/Application Support/SynthEyes/prefs14.dat ” and “/Users/YourNameHere/Library/Preferences/com.borisfx.SynthEyes.plist”    (You need to opt-click Go in the Finder to reach the Library in your Users folder. The .plist file is an unwanted set of preferences created by macOS that can create unusual results, such as a disembodied color picker opening when SynthEyes starts.)

Linux: “~/.SynthEyes/prefs14.dat”

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