Can't Read an Image or Movie File

  • Make sure that the file name and entire path name do not contain any accented or special characters. Valid characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, underscore, dash, and space (better without spaces, never first or last character).
  • All file names require proper file-type extensions, including on macOS. (Extensions have been required since the advent of macOS, despite what many users think.) Filenames containing multiple dots (periods) should be avoided; use an underscore or dash instead.
  • Windows: If your machine has just rebooted (at your request, or as a result of an operating system update), SynthEyes may not be able to access files on a network drive until you have visited the drive first via Windows Explorer. This is a Windows issue, not SynthEyes.
  • Windows: To read HEVC/H.265 files on Windows, you may need to install the codecs for them. See "HEVC/H.265 on Windows 10" in the manual.
  • ProRes on M1 Mac Minis: ProRes movies may be read as all-black images on M1 Minis. This is internal to, and specific to, the M1's ProRes hardware decoder. Other M1/M2 machines and Intel-based macs are not affected.  Workaround: SynthEyes on macOS contains a “Force 8bit ProRes” preference in the ProRes section for use only on affected Mac Minis. It produces images by forcing 8-bit reads even if you request 16- or 32-bit reads.
  • SynthEyes uses your operating system to read movie files (except ARRIRAW, BRAW, ProRes, and RED, which are built into SynthEyes). Make sure you have the required codec installed on your machine for other files. You must convert other formats to something that is readable.
  • Movie files may be readable or not based on the exact version of your Windows or macOS operating system, depending on both the codec and the file resolution, especially for h.264 and HEVC/h.265 files.
  • SynthEyes is intended for tracking; specialized image types such as monochrome and binary images typically won't be read.
  • Verify that you can read the image on your machine too. If all the files in the sequence are 1.5-2.0 MB, except for number 37, which is 1.3 MB, and it doesn't read....
  • If the image/movie is on a network drive, copy it to the local drive instead (especially for sequences). Some network drives aren't particularly robust. Turning on "Shot/Read 1f at a time" may help.
  • Consult the "Opening the Shot" section of the manual.
  • If you need to send us a file, tell us what program created the file, including the options such as codec type and settings.
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