License Options

Boris FX utilizes the RLM licensing system for all license types. Licenses can be either nodelocked or floating as either  a subscription or perpetual term.

Nodelocked Licenses

A nodelocked license allows the Boris FX software to be activated on one particular computer at a time. This license is uncounted, meaning that if the software is running on the specified computer, any number of instances are allowed to execute. To used a nodelocked license on a different computer, the license must be deactivated first. When you purchase a nodelocked license, you will be emailed a activation key.

Floating Licenses

Floating licenses give you the flexibility to run Boris FX software on any supported machine connected to your LAN within your facility, limited of course by the amount of licenses that you own. It requires that you have a dedicated license server machine separate from the machines that will run the Boris FX software.

Floating licenses are only available as a one year subscription with a minimum of 5 seats for the initial purchase. Render-only licenses for headless systems are also available upon request.


With subscription licensing, you can choose from monthly or yearly terms. For yearly, elect to make one payment a year or spread the payments out over 12 months. Users that select subscription licensing are entitled to free upgrades, major or minor, during the subscription period.


With perpetual licensing, you receive for free all minor and major updates to the software over the course of the first year of ownership. Access to software updates after the end of the first year will require the you to purchase an upgrade.

All floating licenses and render-only can be purchased by Submit A Request to sales.

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